WP4: Screening, Prevention & Early Diagnosis in Primary Care

Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis focuses on significant public health problems and inequalities in Wales, continuing strong work in cancer and addressing other priority health areas.

Our aims are to: (i) develop strategies to prevent obesity-related disease and reduce harm from tobacco, (ii) increase public awareness and improve equitable uptake of screening programmes, and (iii) expedite early diagnosis.

We involve patients and members of the public in developing, evaluating and implementing novel, person-centred interventions designed to improve Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis.

Core activities

  • Build research capacity by developing and delivering high quality, multidisciplinary Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis research funding proposals.
  • Cultivate strong academic-community partnerships by involving local stakeholders in co-production of research proposals, conduct and dissemination activities.
  • Conduct research that is underpinned by behavioural science, sociological theory and a ‘whole person’ approach to ensuring that ground breaking biomedical research is translated into public and patient benefit.


Dr Kate Brain, Cardiff University

Current projects

  1. ABACus study - Development and pilot evaluation of the Tenovus health check
  2. Androgens - Choice of Intermittent vs Continual - Prostate Cancer
  3. CLASP - Cancer Life Affirming Survivorship Support in Primary Care
  4. How can we help health care professionals to support patients with long term neurological conditions in the self-management of their conditions?


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