Public involvement

SUPER: Service Users for Primary and Emergency care Research

The SUPER group (Service Users for Primary and Emergency care Research) includes people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to reflect the diverse perspectives of people who live in Wales.

SUPER supports PRIME Centre Wales by providing lay perspectives on developing, conducting and disseminating research about primary and emergency care services to strengthen the relevance, quality and dissemination of research on these topics. The group is able to comment on all aspects of research development led by PRIME including research ideas, draft documents, dissemination plans and also how to involve patients and public members in carrying out a funded study. If you are a PRIME researcher and have a research idea or proposal in development, please use SUPER to gain patient and public involvement in your project. 


The SUPER group have authored a publication about their work:  Bridie A Evans, John Gallanders, Lesley Griffiths, Robert Harris-Mayes, Mari James, Sian Jones, Natalie Joseph-Williams, Mary Nettle, Martin Rolph, Helen Snooks, Carolyn Wallace, Adrian Edwards, and on behalf of the SUPER group and PRIME Centre Wales. Public involvement and engagement in primary and emergency care research: the story from PRIME Centre Wales. Vol 5 No 3 (2020): IJPDS Special Issue: Public Involvement & Engagement.

Research review

The SUPER group meets quarterly. To submit your research for review, please complete the attached pro-forma and return to PRIME PPI Lead, Ashra Khanom ( and PPI support, Angharad Claydon (

SUPER group members pictured at the PRIME Annual Conference, November 2023

SUPER at PRIME Conference 2023

We were delighted to convene in Wrexham for this year's PRIME Centre Wales annual conference held on the 1st of November, hosted by Bangor University. The theme for this year was: 'New opportunities in challenging times: adapting our research efforts to the most pressing problems in primary and emergency care in Wales'. 

The PRIME SUPER service users group members, John Gallanders, Jan Davies, Sian Jones and SUPER group Chair, Mari James, led a panel discussion looking at what is new in PPI (pictured opposite, right).

The SUPER group also designed a poster on display at the conference, with the presenters pictured below:

Pictured left to right: Ashra Khanom, Mari James, John Gallanders, and Hameed Khan.

Public Involvement Award – The GPs in EDs study

October 2022

The ‘GPs in EDs’ study was given the Public Involvement Achievement Award 2022, which recognises the very best use of public involvement in a health or social care research study, using the UK Standards for Public Involvement.

Julie Hepburn, public involvement member of the study, accepted the award on behalf of the study, which was delivered by PRIME Centre Wales.

The study aims to evaluate how GPs work in Emergency Departments in September 2022. Through all research stages, from study inception to completion, public contributors have been equal team members.

Bridie Angela Evans, Public Involvement Lead at PRIME Centre Wales said:

I feel very proud and delighted that our work has been recognised in this way. I hope we have shown others how they can genuinely involve people in their research teams, welcome the roles public members can undertake in a collaboration and value the contributions these skilled and motivated individuals bring to carrying out good quality research.”

The judges believe this to be a leading example of the influence that public involvement can have on health and social care research. It was fantastic to see the team embracing the UK Standards for Public Involvement and focusing on capturing and measuring the impact that public involvement was having throughout the life of the study.

PPI opportunities 

PRIME Centre Wales is committed to public involvement in all stages if the research lifecycle.


Further further information about the SUPER Group please contact Dr Ashra Khanom, PRIME lead for public involvement.

Public involvement opportunities

For details of public and patient involvement in research opportunities across the UK, please visit:

Guidance for researchers

Comprehensive guidance about involving public in your researchers and how to access support from Health and Care Research Wales can be found here.

The NIHR has also a range of resources and training for public involvement in research on their Learning for Involvement website