Research study portfolio

Funded PRIME Centre Wales research projects can be viewed below - please select the study link for further information.

A qualitative study of clinician and public views of, and engagement in, Prudent HealthcareGroup LedCardiff UniversityWelsh GovernmentRfPPB (Prudent Healthcare)£245,000WP2
A study to improve the quality of out of hours palliative care services for end of life patientsGroup LedCardiff UniversityRCGPScientific Foundation Board£39,900WP6
A Realistic evaluation of BRAVE program work streams: investigating their evidence base. (Domestic abuse study)Group LedUniversity of South WalesEU fundingKESS 2£15,157WP1
Androgens - Choice of Intermittent vs Continual - Prostate CancerGroup LedBangor UniversityResearch CharityTenovus£57,000WP4
Antibiotic exposure and subsequent antibiotic "response failure" in children presenting with acute respiratory tract infections (RTI) in primary care: a matched case-control studyGroup SupportedUniversity of OxfordOtherRCGP Scientific Board£12,488WP3
Assessing fidelity to Motivational Interviewing in Public Health Interventions (MI-PHI)Group LedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityWellcome Trust£24,375WP1
Cancer: Life Affirming Survivorship support in Primary care (CLASP) ProgrammeGroup SupportedUniversity of SouthamptonNIHR £2,499,011WP4
CARer-ADministration of as-needed sub-cutaneous medication for breakthrough symptoms in home-based dying patients: a UK studyGroup LedBangor UniversityNIHRHTA£507,000WP1
Cataract surgery: Measuring and predicting patient level vision related health benefits and harmsGroup LedCardiff UniversityNIHR £48,538WP1
ERA - Electronic Records in Ambulances to support the shift to out of hospital care: challenges, opportunities and workforce implicationsGroup LedSwansea UniversityNIHRHS&DR£380,318WP5
Evaluating effectiveness, safety, patient experience and system implications of different models of using GPs in or alongside Emergency DepartmentsGroup LedCardiff UniversityNIHRHS&DRtbc (subject to cost amendments)WP6
EXPLAIN: Exploring factors increasing paramedic likelihood of administering analgesia in pre-hospital pain - a cross-sectional studyGroup SupportedUniversity of LincolnResearch CharityFalck Foundation£33,000WP5
Factors associated with late presentation in patients with lung cancerGroup SupportedHywel Dda UHBResearch CharityTenovus Innovation Grant  WP4
GMI_ALC: Developing a teacher training programme for a Group Motivational Interviewing intervention to prevent alcohol misuse in secondary schoolsGroup SupportedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityWellcome Trust£143,953WP2
How can we help health care professionals to support patients with long term neurological conditions in the self-management of their conditions? A realist synthesisGroup LedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityRCGP - Scientific Foundation Board£4,810WP1
STAR Family Study - How do we support women with Rheumatic Disease during pre-conception, pregnancy and early parenting?Group LedCardiff UniversityOtherWellcome Trust ISSF Awards (Cardiff University)£20,000WP2
Improving early detection of melanoma by increasing young people's awareness of symptoms, skin self-examination and communication: A quasi-experimental trial with embedded process evaluationGroup SupportedUniversity of StirlingResearch CharityMelanoma Focus£24,650WP5
Informed consent and proxy decision making in research involving adults lacking capacity: development of an intervention to support proxy informed decision making, set within ethical and legal frameworks. (PhD Studentship)Group LedCardiff UniversityNIHRDoctoral Fellowship Award£266,485WP2
Investigating the prodrome of Type 1 diabetes in childhood using SAIL and Brecon Group data to reduce ketoacidosis at presentationGroup SupportedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityThe Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation£11,991WP3
Network exploring Ethics of Ambulance Trials (NEAT)Group SupportedUniversity of LincolnResearch CharityWellcome Trust£49,681WP5
Optimising skill mix in dentistry: dental therapists, direct access and the futureGroup SupportedCardiff UniversityWelsh GovernmentRfPPB (Prudent Healthcare)£207,651WP7
Optimum screening intervals for people with diabetes and non-sight threatening diabetic retinopathy - a pilot studyGroup LedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityWellcome Trust£27,897WP1
OvSTAT (ovarian cancer symptom awareness tool) stakeholder engagementGroup LedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityCancer Research UK£3,998WP4
Patients' reasons for consulting a General Medical Practitioner with a dental problem: a cross-sectional studyGroup SupportedCardiff UniversityOtherRCPS Glas - Young Investigator£10,000WP7
PHED Data Data linkage across ambulance services and acute trusts: assessing the potential for improving patient careGroup SupportedSwansea UniversityResearch CharityThe Health Foundation£486,405WP5
Pilot Study to validate a clinical tool to aid paramedics in their diagnosis of hip fracture (PAPHiF)Group LedSwansea UniversityOtherWelsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust£30,042WP5
PriMus - Primary care management of lower urinary tract symptoms in men: development and validation of a diagnostic and decision making aid (The PriMUS Study)Group LedCardiff UniversityNIHRHTA£1,500,000WP3
Proposal to assess the feasibility of evaluating the impact of Solva Care (SOLVA)Group LedSwansea UniversityOtherHywel Dda Health Board£10,000WP5
RAPID Rapid analgesia for pre-hospital hip disruption - feasibility studyGroup SupportedWelsh Ambulance Service Trust (WAST)Welsh GovernmentRfPPB£228,759WP5
Research literacy for the Welsh Baccalaureate - a scoping studyGroup LedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityWellcome Trust£18,550WP2
Scoping the decision for unscheduled care from a care home settingGroup SupportedUniversity of South WalesOtherCwm Taf UHB (Pathway to portfolio)£1,400WP1
Spotlight Project - Patient Safety in Primary CareGroup LedCardiff UniversityOtherRCGP Spotlight Award£60,000WP5
Supply of NHS 111 Integrated Urgent Care Workforce Development Programme - Pilot, testing and evaluation projectGroup LedSwansea UniversityOtherHealth Education England£50,000WP5
The long-term follow-up of urinary tract infection (UTI) in childhood: The LUCI StudyGroup LedCardiff UniversityWelsh GovernmentHealth Research Awards£248,125WP3
The provision of general medical services by non-medical health professionals: systematic reviews, survey and mixed methods studyGroup LedBangor UniversityWelsh GovernmentHealth and Care Research Wales - Health Studentship Award£66,000WP4
The use of Emergency Admissions and Frailty Risk Prediction Tools in UK primary care - a Qualitative study (EARP Quali)Group SupportedSwansea UniversityOtherABMU (Pathway to Portfolio)£9,000WP5
TIER - Transient Ischaemic Attack 999 Emergency Referral: feasibility trialGroup SupportedWelsh Ambulance Service Trust (WAST)Welsh GovernmentRfPPB£229,819WP5
Understanding the nature and frequency of avoidable harm in primary careGroup LedCardiff UniversityNIHRThe Secretary of State for Health£106,175WP6
Well-being and Health In Schools Project (WHISP): Phase IGroup LedCardiff UniversityResearch CharityWellcome Trust£23,088WP2
WICKED - (Wales Interventions and Cancer Knowledge about Early Diagnosis): The development and evaluation of primary care interventions to expedite the diagnosis of symptomatic cancer in WalesGroup LedBangor UniversityResearch CharityCancer Research Wales Programme Grant£800,000WP4