Cancer: Life Affirming Survivorship Support in Primary Care (CLASP) Programme

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The UK has 2 million cancer survivors and the prevalence is set to increase. We have one of the poorest cancer survival records among developed countries and quality of life is poor, with high levels of distress and fatigue. We need efficient and effective ways to help, that could widely and easily be put into routine practice. Our research team is funded by NIHR to develop and evaluate an internet based intervention that will assist change in the way GP practices offer support (lifestyle changes and wellbeing support) to cancer survivors. The current project aims to use iterative qualitative research and consultation to ensure it is viewed as acceptable and useful by patients and primary care staff throughout the early stages of development. The research design is a series of qualitative studies (interviews and focus groups) with around 60 patients and 30 health professionals. After giving informed consent participants will be asked to share their thoughts and feelings about early versions of the intervention and any issues that it raises for supporting cancer survivorship within primary care.

Study 1: face to face 'think aloud' interviews where patients give 'live' feedback as they view and use the website.

Study 2: Retrospective telephone interviews with patients giving feedback on the website after trying it for a few weeks from their own home.

Study 3: Focus group studies to elicit healthcare professional (HCP) views of the intervention.

Interviews and focus groups will be tape recorded, transcribed and analysed for common and salient themes. This feedback will help us to create an intervention that is effective, cost effective, feasible and acceptable to patients and health professionals. Once fully developed and amended in response to feedback from the current study the intervention will be tested in a RCT (a separate IRAS application will be submitted).

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University of Southampton

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Summary on HRA website: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/medicine/academic_units/projects/clasp.page

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