“3Cs (Companionship, Conversation and Creativity) Club” at Beddau and Tynant Library

7 April 2016

Professor Joyce Kenkre, Associate Director of PRIME Centre Wales visited the “3Cs” over 65s group on 4th April 2016 to offer support and congratulations to the group. The group was successfully awarded funding in a bid led by Mair Williams, Coordinator.  Funding was sought for a 12 week pilot project from VAMT Community Capacity Fund.  Senior Citizens were consulted in the local area and it was established that there was an identified need to develop a support network of peers/professionals to help encourage friendships in and outside the group, give older people confidence in meeting new people, empowerment to find out about services that they can access, revive their interest in new topics/hobbies and improve their quality of life. 

All facilitators and guest speakers are qualified and experienced in their subject. 

An analysis of 12 participants’ specific needs with regards to isolation, health, disability, assistance and access to information was taken by the Coordinator on Week 2 to ensure that workshops were planned to meet the needs of the senior citizen. 

An Assistant was on hand to assist with the older people in order for them to take part in the workshops as fully as possible. 

The project operates as a drop in provision for 12-15 older people at Beddau Library – attendance have:

  • Improved older people’s self-confidence by mixing with other likeminded people in an accessible, relaxed, non-judgemental social setting.
  • Encouraged new friendships in and outside the group.
  • Contributed to health and wellbeing by offering taster sessions which will include exercise, nutrition and therapeutic creative activities.
  • Empowered participants to question and examine choices and services that are available to them.

This project fits into Age UK’s vision “end loneliness” by supporting older people who are vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness owing to loss of friends, family, mobility or income. 

The project runs for 1 morning per week from 10.30-12.30.  Initially the funding was for 12 weeks, but as the participants said that they did not want refreshments, the project will now run for a further 5 sessions from the first stream of funding.  Due to the success of the project and the firm numbers attending VAMT offered a further second strand of funding making the programme 23 weeks long and completed on 4th April 2016.

To date the team has have engaged with 30 senior citizens of 65 years plus and an additional 5 senior citizens of 60 years plus.  The weekly workshops are structured but informal drop-in sessions, this gives the participants an opportunity to take time out for support and information.  A network of professionals, e.g. Home Safety Tutor, First Aid, Fire Service, General Nutrition and NHS Medicine Advisor have given advice and information in the workshops.

For further information please contact Mair Williams: mgwms42@hotmail.com or 07934375936

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