Welsh dental care, delivered mostly in primary care, costs £140M per annum. This work package aims to facilitate the development of high quality research in this under-researched sector. We are working on policy priority areas and link with other work packages to facilitate transfer of research knowledge and expertise to the primary dental care setting. Our work is centred on areas such as infection, patient safety, prudent and emergency healthcare.

Core activities

  • Complete on-going trials of preventive dental technologies in primary care and seek follow-on funding for further practice-based trials (2015-16)
  • Expand work on epidemiology of dental infection, antibiotic usage and effectiveness of antibiotic interventions, delayed prescription schemes (2015-17)
  • Research patient safety in dentistry, including consequences of inappropriate use of primary and ED care (2016-18)
  • Collaborate with partners in the PRIME to extend research methodologies used in Primary Medical Care to Primary Dental Care
  • Work with partners in PRIME and in PHW to secure access to the Dental Primary Care Quality Assurance System
  • Evaluate prudent health care in dental settings.


Professor Ivor Chestnutt, Cardiff University

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