Network exploring Ethics of Ambulance Trials (NEAT)

Principal / Lead investigator
Co-investigators / research team
  • Dr Adele Langlois, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lincoln
  • Dr Stephanie Armstrong, CaHRU, University of Lincoln
  • Prof Philip Bath, Nottingham University
  • Prof Jonathan Benger, University of West of England
  • Prof Gavin Perkins, Warwick University
  • Prof Tom Quinn, Kingston University London & St George’s, University of London 
  • Prof Helen Snooks, Swansea University
  • Dr Chris Price, Newcastle University
  • Dr Sarah Voss, University of West of England
  • Prof David Townend, Maastricht University 
Type of study

Systematic review and qualitative interviews


To develop a network exploring the ethics of conducting randomised controlled trials (RCTs) involving ambulance services


  • To undertake a systematic review of ethical approaches in published RCTs and protocols involving ambulance services in the UK and elsewhere since 2000. We will also compare legal and ethical requirements for gaining consent in emergency settings in the UK, mainland Europe, US and Australia, where most studies have been conducted.
  • To conduct pilot qualitative studies with stakeholders, including patients and ambulance staff in the East Midlands, to explore perceptions of the ethics of ambulance trials.
  • To organise networking events with researchers, ambulance leaders, policymakers and ethicists involved in UK ambulance trials to present and discuss findings, develop preliminary recommendations for best practice, and plan further studies into ethics and conduct of ambulance trials.
Who is the study sponsor?

University of Lincoln


Wellcome Trust

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How could this research potentially benefit patients?

The activities will help raise awareness among researchers, practitioners, ethics committees and the public of developments in the ethics and conduct of ambulance trials and provide the basis for much needed research to inform recommendations for best ethical practice in future trials.

Further information (e.g. related web link)

Project profile on CaHRU website: http://cahru.org.uk/research/peqo/neat/

News: Experts convene for Wellcome funded Network Exploring Ethics in Ambulance Trials (NEAT) project meeting, CaHRU, November 2016

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