Community Nursing Researcher Network

The virtual network is an online forum of nurses with an interest in research who have identified themselves through the online Community Nursing Researcher Network sign-up form. This virtual network serves as a communication tool to achieve the second aim of the CNRS strategy, to ‘establish the existing support infrastructure and training available to researchers’.

The virtual network identifies nurses who are not only active researchers but who have an interest and would like to participate in some way that will fit into their working life and make a difference to nursing practice. Membership currently varies from newly qualified to experienced district nurses and midwives who are novice researchers to doctoral students and experienced researchers working in practice, education and research.

Each member of the virtual network receives up-to-date information on the research training available and the support for the development of research ideas, writing grant applications, study management through to publication and the development of research programmes.

To join the WSPCR Community Nursing Researcher Network, please complete the online form.

  1. Layla Abdi, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disability (student nurse)

  2. Srywahyuni Ade, Nurse Education
    Interests: Community and family nurses

  3. John Alcock, Bangor University
    Interests: Nurse education - UG / PGT; community nursing practice (DN); implementation; research methodology; PGT supervision.

  4. Anjana Amit, Student of MSc Community Nursing
    Interests: Nutritional deficiency in the community

  5. Helenmarie Aston, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities, capacity & consent, epilepsy, challenging behaviour.

  6. Hannah Arnold, University of South Wales
    Interests: Role of Care homes and end of life care for the person with dementia.

  7. Val Bailey, RCN
    Interests: Patient satisfaction with out of hours. community nursing for 16 years.

  8. Sue Bale, Aneurin Bevan UHB
    Interests: Wound healing

  9. Vicki Barlow, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
    Interests: Cardiac conditions and heart disease

  10. Carole Bell, Hywel Dda UHB.
    Interests: Midwifery; Smoking cessation in pregnancy.

  11. Jayne Bell, Cardiff & Vale UHB
    Interests: Mental health/risk/emergency response/service provision/research

  12. Helen Bennett, Cardiff & Vale UHB
    Interests: Mental health

  13. Rhiannon Beaumont-Wood, Public Health Wales

  14. Angela Bird-Jones
    Interests: Genera practice nursing / community nursing

  15. Marie Bodycombe-James, Swansea University

  16. Sonia Briggs, Hywel Dda Health Board
    Interests: Development of community nursing management of leg ulcers acute care in the community

  17. Mandy J Brimble, Cardiff University
    Interests: Children with life limiting & life threatening conditions; Resilience in children's nurses; Nurse education.

  18. Paul Brownbill, University of South Wales
    Interests: Dementia; Community hospital; Decision making; Research governance.

  19. Judith Carrier, Cardiff University
    Interests: Evidence synthesis, evidence utilisation and long term conditions. Current PhD is on knowledge mobilisation amongst practice nurses.

  20. Alex Carson, Glyndŵr University

  21. June Clark, Swansea University
    Interests: Nursing outcomes; Nursing documentation; Older people.

  22. Kim Cole, Breast Test Wales
    Interests: Mammography/improvement in care pathways/ working practises

  23. Simon Darwin, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Men's health and access to services

  24. Bethan Davies, Powys HB
    Interests: Research process

  25. Jane Davies, University of South Wales
    Interests: Cardiovascular disease, Peripheral arterial disease

  26. James Davis, Public Health Wales NHS Trust
    Interests: Public Health Screening Services Advanced Nursing Prudent Healthcare Medical Law

  27. Julie Davis, University of South Wales
    Interests: LD palliative care, sexual health

  28. Ruth Davies, University of South Wales
    Interests: Child and family health

  29. Ruth Davis, University of Glamorgan
    Interests: Diabetes and nursing, shared decision-making

  30. Nafees Ud Din, Bangor University
    Interests: Systematic/realist reviews, Database analysis, Randomised controlled trials, Process evaluation

  31. Nigel Downes, Royal College of Nursing
    Interests: Nurse Education Research, Professional Practice Assessment

  32. Jo Dyer, Public Health Wales

  33. Sue Eastham, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Screening - why men access health care less than women; Reasons why men and women do not attend booked appointments

  34. Jennifer Egbunike, Cardiff University
    Interests: Experience in developing and conducting community nursing research and evaluation projects in maternity, health visiting, school nursing, palliative care, mental health and GP related services.

  35. Sue Figueirido, South East Wales Research Network (WCRN)
    Interests: Cancer

  36. Polly Ferguson, Welsh Government
    Interests: Maternity services & early years

  37. Sharon Fernandez, Powys tHB
    Interests: Infant mental health; Perinatal mental health

  38. Jayne Foley, Cardiff University
    Interests: Workforce development community nursing and collaboration with public and patient involvement

  39. Victoria Franklin, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg UHB

  40. Jenifer French, Welsh Government
    Interests: Mental health & learning disability nursing

  41. Dave Galligan, Cardiff & Vale Health Branch, UNISON

  42. Samantha Gane, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities

  43. Janet Gargiulo, Glyndŵr University

  44. Karen Gregory, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
    Interests: District nursing; Chronic disease management; practice development

  45. Ceri Griffiths, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
    Interests: School nursing

  46. Stephen Griffiths, Shared Services Partnership, NHS Wales

  47. Lynne Grundy, Welsh Nursing and Midwifery Committee (WNMC)

  48. Ben Hannigan, Cardiff University
    Interests: Policy, services, work and user experiences in mental health systems

  49. Suzanne Hardacre, Aneurin Bevan UHB
    Interests: Midwifery

  50. Claire Fiona Harries, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disability nursing (currently student nurse)

  51. Abigail Harris, Bridgend County Borough Council

  52. Samantha Hatchett, Invacare
    Interests: How industry can support it and get involved

  53. Jessica Hazleton, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities

  54. Pat Hibberd, Glyndŵr University
    Interests: Specialist nursing in rural nursing practice

  55. David Hopkins, NHS Wales Informatics Service
    Interests: District Nursing Advanced nursing practice Nursing informatics Electronic patient care records Telecare and Telemedicine Integrated care across health and social care Admission avoidance Improving quality and safety Practice nursing Residential and nursing care homes.

  56. Jane Hopkinson, Cardiff University
    Interests: Supportive, palliative and end of life care

  57. Hayley Lewis, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service

  58. Helen Howson, Public Health Wales

  59. Lisa Humphrey, Sexual Health, Hywel Dda University Health Board
    Interests: Organisational change, service development. Currently doing MSc in Enhanced Professional Practice.

  60. Billie Hunter, Cardiff University
    Interests: Midwifery

  61. Stacey Hurst, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disability nursing, dementia, autism

  62. Dr Jaci Huws, Bangor University
    Interests: Service user perceptions; PPI

  63. Jane Imperato, Flying Start Cardiff

  64. Fiona Irvine, Glyndŵr University
    Interests: Specialist nursing

  65. Deb Jackson, Aneurin Bevan UBH
    Interests: Midwifery

  66. Mari James, Community Pharmacy Wales
    Interests: Development and delivery of community pharmacy health services

  67. Tina James-Evans, Powys tHB
    Interests: Immunisations; Welsh language

  68. Dr Robert Jenkins, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities; Safeguarding Older people

  69. Carlene Jones, Aneurin Bevan UBH
    Interests: Palliative care, cancer survivorship/rehabilitation

  70. Linda Jones, Powys Health Board
    Interests: Palliative care, wound care

  71. Matthew Jones, University of South Wales
    Interests: University of South Wales

  72. Rebecca Jones, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities (student nurse)

  73. Ruth Jones, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disability, Prader willi Syndrome, capacity/consent, challenging behaviour

  74. Sarah Jowett, Glyndŵr University

  75. Lisa Kelly, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities, autism (student nurse)

  76. Joyce Kenkre, Glamorgan University
    Interests: Domestic violence, mother and child welfare, care in the community, stakeholder involvement

  77. Beverly Killa, Breast Test Wales
    Interests: Breast cancer

  78. Fiona Kinghorn, Cardiff & Vale UHB

  79. Maggie Kirk, University of Glamorgan

  80. Rhian Kyte, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Screening uptake/Bowel Cancer/Advanced Nursing Practice /Participant Consent and Capacity.

  81. Paul Labourne, Powys tHB

  82. Penny Lamb, Hywel Dda Health Board
    Interests: Nursing home support and governance Ethics & health care law Continuing health care

  83. Cate Langley, Powys teaching Health Board
    Interests: Community midwifery; rationalising risk; valuing the role of community midwifery

  84. Annette Lankshear, Cardiff University
    Interests: Patient safety

  85. Ruth Lawler, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Ppublic health; Community nursing relating to public health

  86. Tracey Lawrence, NHS Wales

  87. Helen Leonard, Aneurin Bevan Health Board
    Interests: Cellulitis, hypodermoclysis

  88. Carol Leslie, Hywel Dda Health Board
    Interests: District nursing locality working between health and social care, complex care (LTC -commissioning using independent sector CHC/FNC eligibility

  89. Heather Lewis, Powys tHB
    Interests: Health visiting; Domestic abuse; Education; Child development; Safeguarding children

  90. Claire Lewis, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Chronic disease

  91. Janice Lewis, Swansea University
    Interests: Health visitors’ understanding of the principle of ‘Influencing policies affecting health’ and its realisation in practice’

  92. Marie Lewis, Powys LHB / Cardiff University
    Interests: Midwifery

  93. Linda Lewis, Public Health Wales
    Research interests: Screening Women's Health; Cancer; Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm; Patient Information; Service User Experience; Health Informatics

  94. Nicola Lewis, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg UHB
    Interests: Child health

  95. Louise Lidbury, Cardiff & Vale UHB / Cardiff University
    Interests: Asylum and Refugee Healthcare provision and Barriers to contraception within the vulnerable female group

  96. Nikki Lloyd-Jones, Glyndŵr University
    Interests: Decision-making and person-centred care in community based services.

  97. Lesley Lowes, Cardiff University (CNRS link to Children's Network)
    Interests: Service user involvement in research; Chronic illness in childhood (particularly type 1 diabetes)

  98. Rachel Maries, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
    Interest: Nurse case management; Chronic disease management; Complex case management; Advanced nurse practitioner roles in the community.

  99. Sarah McDonald, Hywel Dda University Health Board
    Interest: Developing community services, palliative care, wound management, communication between secondary and primary care.

  100. Anne McGowen, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Immunisation looking at methods to reduce the pain and distress associated with the immunisation process.

  101. Mary Morgan, Powys Healthcare
    Interests: Diabetes, palliative

  102. Sandra Owen, Powys teaching Health Board
    Interests: Learning disabilities - inequalities and problems with access to healthcare

  103. Cerian Parry, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
    Interests: Respiratory Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

  104. Stephanie Perrett, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Health & Justice Prison nursing / health Infectious disease Blood Borne Viruses

  105. Gemma Prebble, Bangor University
    Interests: Pain management (Chronic and palliative); Knowledge transfer from specialist services, from acute to community to facilitate ongoing support for chronic pain management; Knowledge (and ethos) transfer from specialist palliative care to acute to facilitate better terminal care.

  106. Hayley Prout, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, Cardiff University
    Interests: Palliative care

  107. Wendy Scrase, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB
    Primary care facilitator for R&D so interested in all areas: Community nursing; General practice; Oral health, Pharmacy; Physiotherapy.

  108. Dr Sherrill Snelgrove, Swansea University
    Interests: Chronic pain management; Assistive technologies; Dementia

  109. Sian Snow, University of South Wales
    Interests: Transitions, end of life, autism, challenging behaviour, clinical practice in community. Ratio's- staffing

  110. Elisabeth Somara, Good Samaritan Foundation
    Interests: HIV/AIDS, Adolescents, Voluntary HIV Testing

  111. Kirsty Speake

  112. Tania Spriggs, Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust
    Interests: Long term conditions

  113. Bernie Steer, NHS Wales

  114. Michelle Tamlyn, University of South Wales
    Learning disabilities, capacity & consent, challenging behaviour

  115. Cathy Taylor, Swansea University
    Interests: SCPHN HV Working with fathers; Learning & Teaching with Practice Teachers

  116. Denise Thiruchelvam, NHS England
    Interests: Nursing transformation; Community nursing; Health visiting; Public health

  117. Ashley-marie Thomas, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities

  118. Beverly Thomas, Director of Nursing and Social Care Information, NHS Wales
    Interests: Social media tools to improve care delivery

  119. Christina Thomas, Powys Health Board

  120. Eira Thomas, University of South Wales
    Interests: Learning disabilities (student nurse)

  121. Jayne Thomas, NHS Wales

  122. Kelly Thomas, University of South Wales
    Interests: OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorders) and how it affects those with LD

  123. Michelle Thomas, University of South Wales

  124. Sian Thomas, Caerphilly LHB
    Interests: Child health

  125. Sophie Thomas, Paul Sartori Foundation
    Interests: Advance Care Planning, Hospice at Home, Nursing assistant role

  126. Sue Thomas, University of South Wales / RCN Wales
    Interests: District nursing complexity; General practice assessment; Education workforce

  127. Victoria Thomas, University of South Wales

  128. Sheelagh Tompkins
    Interests: Respiratory, palliative

  129. Kathryn Walker
    Interests: Palliative care, general community nurse

  130. Ruth Walker, Cardiff & Vale UHB

  131. Carolyn Wallace, WSPCR / University of South Wales
    Interests: Frailty Integration.

  132. Julie Wardjones, NHS Wales

  133. Lucie Warren, Cardiff University
    Interests: Weight management in pregnancy; Health behaviours/promotion in pregnancy; professional resilience; Inter-professional teamworking, breastfeeding; Self Determination Theory; Motivational Interviewing.

  134. Dianne Watkins, Cardiff University

  135. Amanda Whent, Aneurin Bevan UBH
    Interests: Community mental health

  136. Jean White, Chief Nursing Officer, Welsh Government

  137. Neil Wigglesworth, Public Health Wales
    Interests: Infection prevention and control

  138. Alison Williams, Glyndŵr University

  139. Angela Williams, Glyndŵr University

  140. Beverley Williams, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB

  141. Caroline Williams, Hywel Dda UHB

  142. Lynne Williams, Bangor University
    Interests: Infection control; Clinical leadership; Community nursing

  143. Jane Wright, Bangor University
    Interests: Evidence based practice/implementation research