WP8: Oral health and primary dental health care

Poor oral health is closely linked with social and economic disadvantage. In the UK, 49% of children have developed dental caries by age five, and dental extractions under general anaesthetic are a leading cause of hospital admission in children aged 5-9 years. A programme of major reform in how 31 dental services are commissioned in Wales is underway.

This work package aims to facilitate the development of high quality research in this under-researched sector. We are working on policy priority areas and link with other work packages to facilitate transfer of research knowledge and expertise to the primary dental care setting. Our work is centred on areas such as infection, patient safety, prudent and emergency healthcare.

Core activities

  • Developing, evaluating, and implementing value-based models of preventing dental decay

  • Co-production in the delivery of dental services


Professor Ivor Chestnutt, Cardiff University

Research projects

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