This work package focuses on appropriate (‘prudent’) emergency and unscheduled care, avoiding unnecessary contacts and streamlining the emergency care system. We build on established collaborations with UK-wide ambulance services to develop and test alternative care models, linking closely to the e-trials methodological theme, (2016-18), and continue our close connection with the 999 EMS Research Forum to disseminate research and transfer knowledge to practice (2016-18).

Core activities

  • Increase the quantity of large scale high quality research carried out in or led from Wales
  • Achieve high and demonstrable research impact
  • Undertake research and dissemination activities that are of key importance to patients and the public
  • Build capacity for research in primary and emergency care in Wales, across disciplines, sectors, professional groups and levels of seniority.


Professor Helen Snooks, Swansea University
Dr Alison Porter, Swansea University

Research projects

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WP5 Publications

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