WP4: Care closer to communities

The care closer to communities work package investigates how communities, organisations (statutory, non-statutory, third sector), and practitioners can work together with people to coproduce seamless care that can be accessed in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way.

Core activities

  • Investigating ways to improve equity of access to health and social care, and health education e.g. in rural settings, location of services, removing barriers, vulnerable groups such as people with learning disabilities, and tackling health inequalities

  • Tackling workforce development so that efficient, effective, timely care can be available that is good value for money. This may involve examining the redistribution of tasks to the most appropriate providers, with associated factors such as up-skilling/training, supervision, remuneration, workload, safety, and a work culture of feeling valued.

  • Continuing to implement and develop the Community Nursing and Social Care Research Strategies for Primary Care in Wales


  • Carolyn Wallace, Professor in Community Health and Care Services, University of South Wales

Research projects

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