In primary and emergency care settings in the UK, 0.25 million patients experience harm annually from >1 million unpredictable incidents per day. Integrating improvement, innovation, and eliminating harm into everyday working are key aspects of the Welsh Government plan for health and social care.

Core activities

  • Establishing the epidemiology of care quality in terms of the frequency, burden and preventability of harm

  • Development, testing, and implementing interventions to improve patient safety in priority areas

  • Developing and refining methods to learn from routine health care data (e.g. safety incident reports)


Research projects

Please visit the 'Research Portfolio' page and select WP3 from the drop-down list.


Please visit the 'Publications' page and select WP3 from the drop-down list.


The PRIME WP2: Patient safety poster (pdf) is available to view and download.

How can you get involved

  • Take a course on patient safety in primary care on the Royal College of General Practitioners e-learning site (accessible to all):
  • Read our academic outputs and design an improvement project informed by our national-level analyses of patient safety incident reports for priority issues in primary care.
  • Submit an expression of interest for MPhil / PhD study of patient safety
  • Seek methodological input to develop your research proposals
  • Undertake a secondment with the Patient Safety Research Group (PISA) group
  • Want more information? Email the PISA group lead: