Patient centred healthcare draws on the philosophy of patient empowerment and co-production in engaging patients and members of the public in health and health care.

Our priority areas are:

  1. Shared decision making and decision aids
  2. Self-management support and health literacy
  3. Behaviour change with a focus on innovation, implementation and evaluation of interventions.

Core activities:

  • Complete on-going research into implementation of shared decision making, seek further funding for self-management support, health literacy interventions, and decision aids for other treatment decisions, and expand knowledge transfer to all Health Boards in Wales.
  • Promoting health literacy and empowerment – e.g. interventions to long term conditions: for example Multiple Sclerosis (2016-18), and development of measure of empowerment to show changes from interventions.
  • Utilise qualitative methods to develop a better understanding of patient and healthcare professional perspectives of interventions including Prudent Health Care interventions (2015-17).


Research projects

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