This work package is developing research programmes in practice that are needs led for long term conditions. We link in professional groups, organisations, and users across sectors, in particular integrating with Social Care, to engage in the conduct and development of research.

Core activities

  • Continued implementation and development of Community Nursing Research Strategy for Wales
  • Organise an all-Wales meeting to develop strategy and action plan, sending invites to all sectors including carers, third sector, industry, councils, independent sector, primary care and social care professionals to elicit issues and priorities.
  • Establish up long term conditions research strategy and practice policy board.
  • Establish a programme of research across sectors to address important issues with support and seek funding.
  • Use of consensus methods for capacity building and to develop future assessment procedures across the professions.


Prof Joyce Kenkre & Prof Carolyn Wallace, University of South Wales

Research projects

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WP1 Publications

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