Implementation of TRAK to develop eRehab for knee conditions: a web-based intervention suite to support self-management in rehabilitation

Principal / Lead Investigator
  • Dr Kate Button, Cardiff & Vale UHB
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Musculoskeletal conditions are extremely common, accounting for 30% of GP consultations. Knee conditions are the most common and can significantly affect mobility and quality of life. Physiotherapy is often recommended to help these patients. However, growing demand for long-term condition management means new approaches are needed. A team at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has developed TRAK – an application suite that provides a patient-focused approach to sharing information and exercise prescription.

The web-based app provide patients with information about the nature of their condition and an interactive tool helps them to assess their recovery progress over the course of their rehabilitation. A self-care plan provides information on rehabilitation exercises and patients will be able to keep a diary of exercise activities. Patients will also be able to record and track their progress via pedometer data and patient reported outcome measures. The usability and acceptability of TRAK has already been tested and feedback has been positive.

This project will involve implementing the intervention into routine health care practice and evaluating its effectiveness. The intervention will be rolled out with knee patients initially. These patients will use the TRAK application for a month to help them manage their condition, and will provide feedback on their experiences. The intervention will then be implemented more widely. This innovative project blends treatment components that are known to support self-care with an online platform that can be fully integrated into the clinic environment. 

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Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

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Potential benefit to patients
  • Will help address the rising demand for longer-term condition management of patients with musculoskeletal conditions.
  • An online approach to support self-care, TRAK will provide patients with access to expert knowledge and advice to support recovery and help prevent the progression of chronic conditions. 
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Spasić I, Button K, Divoli A, Gupta S, Pataky T, Pizzocaro D, Preece A, van Deursen R, Wilson C. TRAK App Suite: A Web-Based Intervention for Delivering Standard Care for the Rehabilitation of Knee Conditions. JMIR Res Protoc 2015;4(4):e122