Public and patient involvement

PRIME Centre Wales is committed to public and patient involvement in all stages if the research lifecycle.

Further further information about the SUPER Group please contact Bridie Evans.

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Service Users for Primary and Emergency care Research

PRIME Centre Wales has recruited members of the public and patients to join a new lay member group who will work with PRIME Centre Wales to support research activities, particularly research development.

The group is called SUPER – Service Users for Primary and Emergency care Research. 

The group includes people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to reflect the diverse perspectives of people who live in Wales.

SUPER supports PRIME Centre Wales by providing lay perspectives on developing, conducting and disseminating research about primary and emergency care services to strengthen the relevance, quality and dissemination of research on these topics. 

The group is able to comment on all aspects of research development led by PRIME including research ideas, draft documents, dissemination plans and also how to involve patients and public members in carrying out a funded study. If you are a PRIME researcher and have a research idea or proposal in development, please use SUPER to gain patient and public involvement in your project. 

For further information please contact Dr Bridie Evans:

Building public involvement and engagement in primary and emergency care research: the story from PRIME Centre Wales.

New PRIME publication on public involvement 

1 October 2020

Policy throughout the United Kingdom promotes involvement of patients and public members in research to benefit patient care and health outcomes. PRIME Centre Wales is a national research centre, developing and coordinating research about primary and emergency care which forms 90% of health service encounters.

In this paper, we describe our approach to public involvement and engagement in PRIME Centre Wales, in particular: how this approach has developed; ways in which public members contribute to PRIME activity; the strengths and limitations of our approach, challenges and future opportunities.

PRIME ensures work is relevant to service users, carers, the public and policy makers by incorporating comprehensive patient and public involvement in every phase of our work.

Bridie A Evans, John Gallanders, Lesley Griffiths, Robert Harris-Mayes, Mari James, Sian Jones, Natalie Joseph-Williams, Mary Nettle, Martin Rolph, Helen Snooks, Carolyn Wallace, Adrian Edwards, and on behalf of the SUPER group and PRIME Centre Wales. Public involvement and engagement in primary and emergency care research: the story from PRIME Centre Wales. Vol 5 No 3 (2020): IJPDS Special Issue: Public Involvement & Engagement. 

Read the full article at:

Embedding public involvement in a realist evaluation of GPs in Emergency Departments

September 2020

New PRIME conference poster on public and patient involvement

  • Birdie Angela Evans (Swansea University),
  • Barbara Harrington (public contributor),
  • Alison Cooper (Cardiff University),
  • Michelle Edwards (Cardiff University),
  • Adrian Edwards (Cardiff University)
Presented at:

RCEM Virtual Scientific Conference, 13-14 October 2020


View pdf here.