PhD study title
Meeting the health needs of older people with learning disabilities: the role of nurses.

Researcher name
Robert Jenkins, University of South Wales

Dr Jim Richardson, Dr Rachel Davies, Dr Linda Ross

Date awarded

Older people with learning disabilities may experience the same physical deterioration as they age as do the general population. However, there is a suggestion that ageing in people with learning disabilities starts earlier, that they are at greater risk of developing physical and mental disorders and diseases, requiring the intervention and support of nurses. Educators and service planners will require information on the present and future needs of older people with learning disabilities in order to equip these professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to address those needs.

This study sought to explore what older people with learning disabilities and their carers perceived as their health care needs. It also sought to explore what nurses perceived as their role in meeting such needs and the implications for nurse education, research and practice. A three-stage approach was used which comprised of a detailed literature review in stage one.

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