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PRIME Centre Wales is keen to increase research collaboration with commercial and industrial partners in Wales and beyond. Innovative partnering can accelerate the development of new treatments, devices and diagnostics to tackle complex healthcare needs. Engagement between the NHS, universities and industry offers great potential to drive translational medicine. Collaboration ensures that advances in basic science progress swiftly into benefits for patients and the economy.

PRIME Centre Wales aims to:

  • Work with industry and the third sector in the prioritisation, design and conduct of research
  • Work with industry for the development of new products / equipment for the future provision of care. 

Examples of PRIME Centre Wales research projects which involve industrial collaboration include:

  1. CARer-ADministration of as-needed sub-cutaneous medication for breakthrough symptoms in home-based dying patients: a UK study

  2. PACE: General Practitioner (GP) use of a C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Point of Care Test (POCT) to help target antibiotic prescribing to patients with Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (AECOPD) who are most likely to benefit
    PACE will determine whether adding the C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Point of Care Test (POCT) to current best practice reduces antibiotic consumption during the first four weeks after consulting, without negatively impacting on condition specific Health-related Quality of Life.

  3. PRINCESS: Probiotic to Reduce Infections iN CarE home Service userS
    Industrial collaboration with manufacturer of a probiotic supplement to test whether it can reduce the number of infections in care home residents, in a bid to cut antibiotic use in this high-risk group.

Collaborate with PRIME Centre Wales

If you are interested in discussing potential industrial or commercial collaboration with PRIME Centre Wales, we are keen to hear from you. 

Please contact: 

Support for Industrial and Commercial Partners

Health Research Wales has been established to provide a one-stop source of information and support for companies wishing to undertake clinical research in Wales. Health Research Wales’ mission is to facilitate the successful delivery of commercial research in the NHS and promote Wales as an effective place to do research. Find out more about how Health Research Wales can help at: