PRIME Annual Meeting 2022

18th October 2022
Taliesen Arts Centre, Swansea University
Theme: Inclusion in primary and emergency care research
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Meeting recording

A recorded live stream of the meeting is available to watch via this link and below:


Posters shortlisted from the call for abstracts are displayed below:

01. Wales COVID-19 Evidence Centre: helping to address inequalities and improve inclusion through policy-driven evidence-synthesis

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02. ‘Future problems’: Perceptions and knowledge ofantibiotic resistant sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men in Wales

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03. A qualitative exploration of HIV stigma among general practitioners

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05. Identification of barriers and facilitators to the inclusion of UK care home residents in research: a scoping review

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6. Influencing factors in the oral health education process in primary care dentistry

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8. The burden of acute eye conditions on different healthcare providers: a one-year national data-linkage study

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9. Experiences and beliefs relating to healthcare contacts during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: findings from a longitudinal populations study

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10. Experiences and beliefs relating to healthcare contacts during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK: a thematic analysis of qualitative interviews

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11. FEMUR III: Recruitment and adaption during COVID-19

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12. Think Cancer: The importance of inclusivity in primary care research: the whole practice approach to safety netting and early detection

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13. CARer-ADministration of as-needed subcutaneous medication for breakthrough symptoms in people dying at home: Accelerating the impact of the CARiAD intervention.

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14. Acceptability and feasibility of a Targeted Intensive Community-based campaign To Optimise vague Cancer (TICTOC) symptom awareness

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16. ThinkCancer! Results from a feasibility trial to test a novel intervention to improve cancer diagnosis

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17. Acceptability of alternative technologies compared with faecal immunochemical test and/or colonoscopy in colorectal cancer screening: A systematic review

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18. Understanding barriers and enablers to the use of primary care remote consulting for suspected cancer among vulnerable populations

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19. Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse, and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV) Research Network Wales: Setting the research priorities for Wales

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20. Evaluating the implementation of the Daffodil Standardise UK General Practice

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22. Human factors contributing to unsafe primary care: a content analysis of patient safety incidents

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23. Developing criteria for prevention activities in clinical settings: Illustrated in their application in the All Wales Diabetes Prevention Programme

25. Developing a Glossary of Terms for Social Prescribing

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26. Prismatic Risk Stratification Models: AssessmenT of Implementation Consequences (PRISMATIC 2)

27Emergencies in General Practice

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28. Promoting And encouRaging Community Hydration through EDucation (PARCHED) - A realist review & evaluation exploring hydration in a population at risk of frailty

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29. A Systematic Review of the Role of Culture on the Mental Health Service Utilisation among Ethnic Minorities in the United Kingdom

29. Sandra poster.pptx 29. Sandra poster.pptx
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30. Pre-hospital responses to major trauma: a qualitative study of giving and receiving advice for clinical decision making

32. Achieving inclusive public involvement throughout the research process – experience and learning from evaluation of GPs in Emergency Departments

34. A review of the literature relating to the role and educational requirements of paramedics working within primary care

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35. Facebook, mothers & midwives: the role of social media in improving breast-feeding support services

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36. Take home naloxone Intervention Multicentre Emergency setting feasibility trial (TIME): Recruitment

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37. Building an understanding of Ethnic minority people's Service Use Relating to Emergency care for injuries: the BE SURE study protocol

38. Short Report: What routine outcomes should be included in an epidemiological study investigating differences between people from ethnic minority backgrounds and white British people presenting to emergency services for injury? A stakeholder consultation

39. Working better together: Developing resources to support public involvement in PRIME research

40. Shielding fromCOVID-19: a qualitative study of the experiences of clinically extremely vulnerable people during the pandemic

41. Breaking out of our silos: Evaluation of a pilot primary care echocardiography service co-designed with patients

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