Study title

Engaging high risk, harder to reach groups in lung cancer screening and prevention.

Post Graduate Research Student
  • Pamela Smith, Cardiff University
  • Kate Brain, PRIME Centre Wales & Wales Cancer Research Centre, Cardiff University
  • Annmarie Nelson, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, Cardiff University
  • Graham Moore, DECIPHer, Cardiff University
Type of study

Intervention design

Who is the study sponsor?

Cardiff University


Low dose computed tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer has become the standard of care in the US, due to evidence of its effectiveness in detecting early stage lung cancer among high risk groups. Evidence indicates that individuals at high risk are most likely to benefit from lung screening yet least likely to take it up due to fear, stigma and low motivation.

With the case building for CT lung cancer screening in the UK, it is critical to develop appropriate strategies for engaging older smokers living in areas of socioeconomic deprivation. A community engagement model has the potential to engage high risk, harder to reach groups in lung screening, but evidence is needed about how best to access and engage the target group and how to integrate smoking cessation advice.

The aims of the proposed project are to examine the information needs and preferences of smokers from deprived communities in Wales, with a view to developing targeted interventions designed to increase engagement in a lung screening and prevention pathway.

Public / patient involvement  

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How could this research potentially benefit patients? 

The research will build the evidence base for CT lung cancer screening in the UK, providing critical evidence for the implementation of lung screening/prevention interventions to reduce inequalities and improve lung cancer survival outcomes. 

In addition, the research will provide generalisable knowledge regarding effective methods of engaging high risk, harder to reach groups that can be translated to other types of cancer and other screening contexts.

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Cardiff University School of Medicine PhD Scholarship scheme      

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£ 75,000

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